In the footsteps of the saints and martyrs...

Welcome to the website of the Royal English College of St Alban in Valladolid, the propaedeutic (foundation year) seminary serving the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales and the English-speaking world.

The Royal English College is a spiritual house of great history – but, more importantly, it continues to play a vital role in the Church’s future, working on the formation of English-speaking men who are discerning God’s call for life as a priest.

Dating back to the late 16th century, our beautiful college holds a unique place in the history of the Catholic Church. From its position in the north-west of Spain, it can rightly claim to have once been the centre of the Catholic Church in England.

We invite you to join us as we walk in the footsteps of the saints and martyrs – and march with faith and belief towards the future.

Visiting The College

Although our primary focus is always priestly formation of the seminarians, when we are able to do so we warmly welcome groups and individual visitors who would like to learn more about St Alban’s crucial role in the life of the Catholic Church.


Conferencia de Obispos de Inglaterra y Gales y del mundo de habla inglesa Bienvenidos a la página web del Real Colegio de los ingleses de San Albano en Valladolid, el seminario propedéutico (1589) al servicio de la Conferencia de los Obispos católicos de Inglaterra y Gales y del mundo de habla inglesa.

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