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The Rector’s Letter For 2018/19

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My first words as Rector are of deep gratitude to Monsignor John Pardo for excellent work in the college over the past 14 years.

St Alban’s is in very good health as the Propaedeutic Stage becomes “indispensable” in the life of the Church. We are indebted to him.

The Ratio Fundamentalis published by the Holy See transforms the demands made upon the college by the Universal Church.

There is clear need for further development of the whole of the programme we offer in response to the Ratio and the individual needs of each man we care for.

The Royal English College of St Alban responds to the needs of the Church in every generation. Our current endeavours demonstrate that our focus remains dynamically centred on those needs.

Last year, students from Ireland and Canada joined men from England and

Wales. This year a similar cohort is enhanced by the Nordic dioceses.

Only the continued excellence of the formation programme we offer will convince bishops of the imperative not to dispense with this now mandatory

Propaedeutic Year.

Seminarians must lay solid foundations for the future. Key to this is strong human and spiritual development.

The world needs priests who are expert enough in their own humanity to genuinely “inhabit” their studies and pastoral ministry.

The past year saw Monsignor Roger Reader of the Diocese of Westminster work as vice-rector. He has now taken up a new appointment. We thank him and wish him well.

This year, Father Damian Cassidy O.Carm, joins the formation team, bringing a depth of experience and knowledge that will benefit all. He joins Father Chris, Sister Patricia and I as we accompany those who continue to discern their vocation.

In response to the academic needs of some candidates, the educational psychologist, Mr Stephen McCoy, also joins the formation team.

Canon Paul Farrer, Rector

Canon Paul Farrer


Visiting The College

Although our primary focus is always priestly formation of the seminarians, when we are able to do so we warmly welcome groups and individual visitors who would like to learn more about St Alban’s crucial role in the life of the Catholic Church.

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