ST. John PLESSINGTON was the young son of Robert Plessington of Dimples Hall, near Garstang in the county of Lancashire, and of Alice daughter of Laurence Rawstone of Newhall in the county of Cheshire. His father suffered much for his loyalty to the Catholic Faith during the civil wars.

John was sent to a private school directed by the Jesuit priests in Scarisbrick Hall, and adopted the alias of Scarisbrick upon entering the Royal College of St. Alban at VALLADOLID on the 18th of November 1660.

In the same City, in the Church of María Magdalena, he received his Minor orders and the Diaconate. In Segovia, on the 25th of March 1662, he was ordained a priest, and later returned to England.

He made his missionary work mainly in Holywell and around Chester, being housed with the Massey family in Puddington Hall.

There, during the agitation resulting from the discovery of the "Oates Conspiracy" against Parliament, he was accused in Chester of being a priest. Incarcerated for nine weeks, he was then drawn, hung, stripped and quartered near Chester on the 19th of July 1679.

According to a local tradition, his dismembered body was sent to Puddington Hall, to be exhibited in the four corners of the house, but the people of the locality would not permit it. Therefore, they laid them in an oak table in the entrance of the house. Finally, they were buried in the cemetery of Burton.

He was solemnly canonised by the Pope Paul VI on the 25th of October 1970.



Prayer to Our Lady
May Our Lady Vulnerata and

all our Martyr Saints

intercede for us with the Lord,

that our students and benefactors,

past and present,

may be helped and saved

by Him.