Why Spain

The Church is universal and as such, must care pastorally and spiritually for people of all nations and all tongues. People are now more mobile than at any other time in history but that is not to say that they should be further away from the Church and its support.

The reasons for having a seminary in Spain have changed over the four hundred year life of the Royal and Pontifical College of St Alban in Valladolid but they are just as valid now as they have ever been. If the Church is going to service the needs of people in their native language then ought not note to be taken of the statistics below.


Language Name

1. Mandarin Chinese


2. Spanish 332,000,000
3. English 322,000,000
4. Bengali 189,000,000
5. Hindi 182,000,000
6. Portuguese 170,000,000

Source: Grimes ed. 1996 (updated 1999).

Similar research would tend to indicate that in less than thirty years; ninety percent of the world’s population will speak one or more of the three most popular languages; the considerations and conclusions are obvious! Times change …




Prayer to Our Lady
May Our Lady Vulnerata and

all our Martyr Saints

intercede for us with the Lord,

that our students and benefactors,

past and present,

may be helped and saved

by Him.