The ancient capital, the city of Columbus and Cervantes; Valladolid is a magnificent university city where people young and old hold dear to the Catholic faith and make it a part of their daily lives. Leave the Chapel doors open onto the street and begin to recite the rosary and within minutes people will have wondered in to join in the prayer.

Sundays and holydays in Valladolid are very special. Families come together and celebrate the sacraments. Few shops are open and most of those are to sell fresh cream cakes with which the feast is enhanced. Holy Week in the city (Semana Santa) consists of a series of prayerful meetings and processions. It is a magnificent experience and sight never to be forgotten


The Plaza Major with its colonnades and bars is less than ten minutes walk from the college whilst the University and Cathedral are even closer

There are bars and restaurants, shops, theatres and parks. Valladolid is a city where the whole personality can be developed and formed in atmosphere of service, well-being and Christian living.

Students of the College are encouraged to experience the living Church, to note what might best be incorporated into their own lives and what they might profitably share with others back home.


The Mass and the Sacraments are central to life in College and are lived on the streets outside in a manner that we could only hope to emulate.



Prayer to Our Lady
May Our Lady Vulnerata and

all our Martyr Saints

intercede for us with the Lord,

that our students and benefactors,

past and present,

may be helped and saved

by Him.