Pastoral Formation

Pastoral training is not overemphasised in the Propaedeutic Year since this is rightly placed in the later seminary years. Nevertheless there are 4 important elements that feature during the Propaedeutic Year:

  1. Meeting with diocesan priests - to learn from those working in parishes elsewhere

  2. Regular work - emphasising service for others

  3. Pastoral supervision - being taught how to reflect on experiences

  4. One month Pastoral Placement - a challenging situation - in Hospices for the Dying, Drop-in Centres, Prisons, Hospitals, Aids sufferers, Drug addicts, housing and refugee programs etc. Through spiritual direction and pastoral reflection the student would be helped to relate better to his own poverty through living with and serving the poor.



Prayer to Our Lady
May Our Lady Vulnerata and

all our Martyr Saints

intercede for us with the Lord,

that our students and benefactors,

past and present,

may be helped and saved

by Him.